Non-giro application procedure

Pay attention! The deadline for submitting an application for compensation through the procedures on this website has passed. The information on this website regarding the application procedures is therefore no longer applicable. Are you the holder of expropriated subordinated bonds or Series 3 Participation Certificates and have you not yet submitted an application? This is still possible. You can submit an application via the Consignment Office of the Ministry of Finance (see Applications).

If you cannot receive information through the giro system about how to apply for compensation (e.g., because you no longer have a securities account or in case you have acquired one or more claims based on the expropriation of SNS REAAL and SNS Bank subordinated bonds from another person or organisation by means of an assignment since 1 March 2013), you should follow the so-called non-giro application procedure. You may also submit a claim through the non-giro application procedure if you have not traded your claim since 1 March 2013 but are mentioned in any of the following sanctions lists: the NL, EU or UN sanctions list, the FATF grey list or the FATF blacklist.

You can access the non-giro application portal via the following link.

Procedure in general

You may start the non-giro application procedure by applying for compensation via the application portal on this website (see above). When applying, you will be asked for proof and to provide an accompanying explanation referring to the relevant evidence if required. The information that you will be required to supply is listed below. The application procedure on this website distinguishes between applications from natural persons and from legal entities.

Important: If you follow this procedure because you cannot apply through the giro application procedure, for example because you no longer have a securities account, you should be able to demonstrate you are the current and sole owner of expropriated SNS REAAL or SNS Bank subordinated bonds. You can best demonstrate this by requesting a recent Statement of Account (STAC) from your custodian. The STAC should demonstrate ownership (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) AT 15 May 2023 and should include at least your name, the relevant bonds (ISIN/technical codes), nominal amount and a date.