Giro application procedure

Pay attention! The deadline for submitting an application for compensation through the procedures on this website has passed. The information on this website regarding the application procedures is therefore no longer applicable. Are you the holder of expropriated subordinated bonds or Series 3 Participation Certificates and have you not yet submitted an application? This is still possible. You can submit an application via the Consignment Office of the Ministry of Finance (see Applications).

You can use the giro application procedure, if you hold expropriated SNS REAAL or SNS Bank subordinated bonds as part of a bond portfolio which you have with a custodian.

Procedure in general

  • In the week of May 15, you will receive a notice from your custodian with an invitation to apply using a web form in a separate web portal of the Corporate Action Agent (CAA). The CAA is responsible for identifying, validating and administering giro claims. The notice will explain how this works. Custodians usually communicate with their client via email, web portal and/or mail.
  • After you have completed the web form in full and have submitted it, you will receive a notice of confirmation and other application instructions. You will also receive a unique reference number.
  • In the application instructions you will be asked to report your unique reference number to your custodian. You will ask your custodian to send instructions to the CAA to confirm your application and to block your instruments. By doing this, you will show that you are the holder of the claim and you will confirm your application. The instructions will clearly explain how you can submit this request to your custodian.
  • Your custodian will then send a notice to the CAA with instructions to confirm your application and to confirm the blocked claims.
  • You will be required to complete your application within six weeks after 15 May 2023.